Republican Veteran’s Tweet About Denouncing Trump And The GOP Has Gone Viral, Hits The Nail On The Head

This is the best thing you'll see all day.

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Conventional wisdom tells us that members of the military and veterans are likely Republican voters — or at least, that’s what the GOP would like you to think. While that may have been the case when the Republicans were the party of Dwight Eisenhower or when RNC Chair Harry Colmery wrote the first draft of what would become the GI Bill, conventional wisdom seems to be taking a back seat these days to plain old common sense.

I’m not supposed to write from personal anecdotes, but I have one here that’s relevant and brief, so bear with me:

I get my hair cut at the same chain place in the same small town that I’ve gotten it done in for years. Not the same stylist every time, but my cut is in the system, so they all know what I like from the little printout they get when I check in. The last time I was in, I experienced a first — my stylist perked up when she asked me what I did and I told her I write political news.


Like any customer service profession, these folks are trained not to talk politics, so she got quiet when she asked what I, as someone closer to politics than her life has room for, thought was going to happen in the midterm election. Her name was one of my very favorite Spanish names, although I won’t reveal it here. I told her I thought things might go the Democrats’ way, at least in the House, and she put down both of her hands on my shoulders and stared at me from behind in the mirror.

“My husband is black. He’s stationed at [the Naval Air Station near my home]. We’ve been praying to hear someone say that for a year,” she told me. “We were always Republicans, until last year.”

But my stylist and her husband aren’t alone. This vet who served in Iraq and Afghanistan proudly tweeted last night that the convention wisdom no longer applies to him anymore, either:

Hank got a lot of love on that tweet, and if you open this article again in a few minutes, you’ll see those likes and retweets just going up steadily — people are excited for Republicans to be joining them in voting “blue” all the way down their ballots. In fact, I couldn’t help it and I clicked on Hank’s hashtag that he included, #GOPVotingBlue, to see who else might be onboard.

Holy cow, you guys.

And it’s definitely not just veterans, either:

But maybe the best feeling of all is knowing that people are doing this because they are waking up to the damage being done to America — even if they were a Republican recently enough to have actually voted for Donald Trump 2 years ago.

We’re so close now you can taste it. I hope you’ve either already voted or have plans for it on Tuesday because this is hands down the most important election you will have ever cast a ballot in. Let’s get it done this time.

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