Republican Operative Just Turned on Trump, Tells Democrats How To End His Presidency

Trump is NOT going to like this!

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While none of us are surprised about how much of a disaster Donald Trump’s presidency has been and how it has resulted in the absolute breakdown of the GOP, it has been somewhat shocking to see fellow Republicans set out to destroy their own leader.

Trump has just been outed by former Breitbart spokesman and GOP operative Kurt Bardella, who pretty much gave Democrats the perfect advice about how to destroy Trump’s presidency and take him down. In an NBC News column that was published today, Bardella stated that if Democrats want to take their power back, they should focus on Trump’s taxes instead of Russia — because that’s where his real downfall is. Bardella wrote:

Cheating on your taxes may not seem sexy, but this scandal may very well represent Trump’s greatest vulnerability should Democrats retake control of Congress in November.”

The New York Times had published a report about Trump’s father Fred Trump being involved in various tax fraud schemes, but it had gotten “buried” in the controversy of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. Now that things have seemingly settled for now, Bardella stated that oversight committee chairpersons should use “the power to issue subpoenas for Trump’s tax returns and the financial records of the Trump business empire.” He wrote:


Remember, this is an empire that continues to do business with the federal government, further enriching the Trump family despite grave concerns about conflicts on interest in the executive branch. Not surprisingly, so far, these conflicts have gone mostly unchecked by Republicans in Congress.”

Bardella also reminded America that although Trump had promised to “absolutely” release his tax returns in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd (and many other times), this has still never happened. Bardella stated that the NYT’s report about the tax fraud and evasion in Trump’s family “sheds light on the real reason why.”

Trump’s entire identity is rooted in the myth he has repeated so frequently he may very well believe it, ‘I built what I built myself.’ The unraveling of that lie could even lead to the beginning of the end for Trump and his presidency.”

Trump’s leadership has been so terrible that he needs to watch members of his own party — because they’re ready to give him away.

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