Reporter Asked Trump Before He Left For His Ohio Rally Whether He’ll Stop “Send Her Back” Chants

We're not so sure he hated the chants all that much.

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It’s rally time again for Donald Trump, who seemingly can’t go more than about a month or so between ego-festivals. Trump essentially began his reelection campaign the day after he was inaugurated in 2017, and everywhere he goes, a crowd of enthusiastic racists and blowhards follows him around.

At Trump’s rally last month, a crowd began chanting “Send her back!” in response to the President’s recent call for Ilhan Omar and her cohorts in “The Squad” to “go back where they came from.” But that attracted attention that Trump was not necessarily pleased with. When his rallies look like they’re being attended by racist bigots, it’s all that leads the news, and even though that’s an accurate description of the crowds at his rallies, he still needs better PR than blatant xenophobia approaching violence.

Before Trump left for his rally today, reporters on the White House lawn asked him what he might say or do if the crowd at tonight’s event were to start up the same chant. His response left more than a little to be desired.


“We’ll have to make a decision” likely means that if it happens, he’ll say something inflammatory about the media outlets filming from the back of the room in order to turn the ire of the crowd on them instead.

But in fact, Trump told Jackson that he didn’t know if one could stop the crowd from chanting, and when she gave him an opportunity to say something in advance to rallygoers that might dissuade them from doing the chant, he said that yes, he did have a message for them — “I love them.”

Just like the billboard in North Carolina targeting the Squad, tonight’s rally will almost certainly be measured in levels of racism and anger. Let’s hope that hate crimes don’t spike in Cincinnatti after the event.

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