Report Claims Trump Sent Canadian PM Torn Magazine Cover With A Message Scribbled On It And Trudeau Answered Back

Like a love note, only without the love.

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According to a new report from Axios, Donald Trump is acting very strange toward our neighbor to the north, and that’s saying a lot — since Trump has held a passive-aggressive relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from the start of his presidency.

The latest episode, which follows a seemingly endless string of public fallings-out over lumber, milk, steel, simple math, the contents of the “new” NAFTA agreement, and behavior on the world stage, has Donald tearing the cover off of a 2017 issue of Bloomberg Business Week showing a pensive Trudeau alongside the caption “The Anti-Trump” and mailing it to the Canadian PM. On it, the President scrawled in silver Sharpie pen something to the effect of “Looking good! Hope it’s not true!”

You and I can pretty safely assume that Trump did not understand the meaning of the phrase “The Anti-Trump” as intended by Bloomberg, and instead took it to mean that Trudeau stood in opposition to him, or perhaps that his vanity got the best of him and he assumed the magazine meant that Trudeau was his physical opposite.


I’m sure we can rest assured that Trump had no idea that the phrase referred to policy or intelligence public composure.

The note from Donald was so bizarre and unexpected, according to Axios, that Trudeau thought it might be a joke and actually called the White House to see if it was real, and of course, was told that it was very real.

And that’s not the only time they had “diplomatic correspondence” of the sort. During another exchange, Trump sent Trudeau some document, presumably that he’d had an aide draw up, that showed the US in a trade deficit with Canada — after which Trudeau wrote back to Trump and included a printout of a U.S. government website showing that there was actually a trade surplus for the United States, contrary to what Trump had been saying publicly at the time.

Maybe Trudeau can continue to be pen pals with Trump once he’s in prison.

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