Psychologist Makes Stunning Revelation About Trump’s Mental Health: “He’s In A State Of Pre-Dementia”

This explains a lot more than just 'he's crazy.'

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In a recent interview, the founders of Hill Reporter sat down with world-renowned psychologist Dr. John Gartner to discuss the aspects of Trump’s publicly visible clear incapacity for certain behavioral self-modification that normal people are capable of. That’s shrink-speak for “that boy don’t act right.”

For example, Trump seems unable to consider the possibility that he’s ever been incorrect about anything, and in fact, believes that any evidence that he has been wrong is conspiratorially concocted by his enemies in an attempt to make him look foolish. Dr. Gartner pulls the name for that directly from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: Malignant Narcissism.

Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is. And yes, the doctor draws some pretty severe comparisons between Trump and some of history’s other known malignant narcissists — dictators from Germany and the Soviet Union whose names get thrown around so much in plain old political comparisons with Trump that it almost seems like overkill to point out that he suffers from the same aggressive, self-developed personality disorder.


But when you get near the end of the podcast interview, Dr. Gartner makes another startling revelation about what he thinks may be a major issue for Trump. It’s not something he’s alone in thinking, but perhaps he’s one of the first to remotely diagnose it from an authoritative perspective on the subject: Trump has pre-dementia.

Pre-dementia is a stage of cognitive decline during which it may be possible to remedy some of the symptoms by altering behavior and performing certain tasks.

In my own life, my wife and I cared for her mother as she advanced into and finally through the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. When she first started showing signs, in addition to finding the latest medicinal treatments and showering her with as much love as possible at home, we followed the advice of doctors who told us she should practice periods of silence, she should read as much as possible, she should do word puzzles, and she should listen to music as often as she could.

In other words, act just about the opposite of Donald Trump.

The evidence of his mental decline is apparent: He makes up words, gets frustrated much more easily than most people, constantly repeats himself, and seems to get only more stubborn as the days advance.

With any luck, we could have a truthful assessment of the President the next time he undergoes a doctor’s evaluation, and some of these things might be addressed.

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