Prosecutors Just Found Brilliant Way To Indict Trump Legally As A Sitting President

This is a total game-changer.

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Trump is going down — but it may now be in a completely different manner. While it’s known that Trump is facing indictments relating to hush money payments to at least two women he conducted extramarital affairs with, he might be indicted for corruption schemes attached to the Trump Organization. New York Times journalist Garrett Graff revealed another legal mechanism by which prosecutors could indict trump, commonly referred to as “Rico”:

Those explosive — and arresting — hearings led to the 1970 passage of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, better known as RICO, a law designed to allow prosecutors to go after enterprises that engaged in extended, organized criminality. RICO laid out certain ‘predicate’ crimes — those that prosecutors could use to stitch together evidence of a corrupt organization and then go after everyone involved in the organization as part of an organized conspiracy.”

Basically, Trump can be indicted similar to how the mob was taken down, centering on racketeering charges. Easier than pinning a crime on heinous acts like murder or kidnapping, RICO permits prosecutors the legal authority to focus on conspiracy-laden financial crimes involving various parties. Prosecutors could tie family corruption to Trump in the form of a Trump Organization indictment.

Most important, Trump’s refusal to distance himself from his family may end up tying him to a plethora of financial crimes. If he was smart, as he so often claims to be, he would have completely absolved himself from any connection to the Trump Organization — however, his apparent greed may end up costing him the presidency.


Now prosecutors have various angles to take down Trump and possibly even his entire family. By using RICO, prosecutors can diversify the legal angles, which should frighten the Trump family. It’s only a matter of time before indictments come, and Trump’s excuses are looking more and more feeble by the day.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery.

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