Pence Blatantly Refuses To Not Use Hacked Russian Intel Against Opponents In 2020 Election

They know they can't win without the Russians.

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When Vice President Mike Pence was questioned by an MSNBC reporter about illicit Russian activity in past and future elections, Pence gave a slimy, Trump administration style non-answer that proved he has no qualms about gaining the upper hand through Russia’s illegal hacks into our elections and campaigns.

The reporter questioned the VP, asking if he “regrets” using and benefiting from the hacked Russian information and whether or not he would make a pledge to not use the same kind of information moving forward with the 2020 reelection campaign.

“Do you regret using emails stolen by Russian intelligence officers during that campaign? And do you pledge to not to do so in this up upcoming campaign?” Vaughn Hillyard, MSNBC reporter asked Pence.


He quickly diverted to a disingenuous non-answer.

“The United States is taking strong action against the founder of WikiLeaks. We’re seeking extradition and we’ll be holding him accountable for his actions and compromising American secrets,” the VP stated.

He then went on to parrot Trump’s “No collusion. No obstruction” rhetoric, saying, “The questions that were raised by the special counsel and the questions that were raised in the last election and aftermath have been answered.”

Hillyard digressed, pointing out that Mike “refused to answer” either one of his key questions: Do you regret using hacked information and will you pledge to not use similar information moving forward?

Vaughn reported that when he pressed the VP further for answers, Pence walked away.

While throngs of Democrats are making the pledge to not use illegal, stolen private data, the Republicans are not so keen to jump on the bandwagon, making it clear that President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the majority of the Republican party have absolutely no problem with Russia’s interference into our democracy and are basically leaving an open invitation for them to do it again.

You can read the full transcript of the interview here:

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