Pelosi Responds To Trump’s Attacks, Uses His Wife As An Example To Point Out His Hypocrisy

She's not wrong.

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Up until this past Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had left most of the Democratic party pretty disappointed when it came to her somewhat lax approach to impeachment. And while she’s finally dropped the hammer on Trump with a formal impeachment inquiry, she certainly has never left anything to be desired when it comes to poking the bear that is Donald Trump.

The entire nation fell prey to the hissy fit that was Donald Trump and his trusty, dusty Twitter account when Pelosi accused Donald of engaging in a “cover-up.” It resulted in multiples rage tweets, several off-script rants during speeches, and even a fake video retweeted by Trump himself that was doctored to depict the House Speaker as a drunk.

But it seemed that Donald’s retaliation did nothing to quell Nancy of her thirst for making Donald look like the idiot he truly is.


In comments made by Madame Speaker recently, Nancy called out Donald’s cruel approach to immigration by using Donald’s wife Melania and her family as an example, and stated that his merit-based immigration policy proposal actually just mean “make America white again.”

“I don’t know if merit counted when his wife’s family came into the country. God bless them if it did,” House Speaker Pelosi stated.

Of course, it is widely known that Donald’s wife Melania is an immigrant herself, coming to America as a model in 1996, but her visa status at that time is unknown. She continued to stay in the country and eventually married Trump in 2005. Melania did not become a US citizen until 2006 and then eventually brought her parents to the country using what Donald refers to as “chain migration.”

While Melania has been adamant that she “followed the rules,” despite reports that prove otherwise, during her immigration process, it’s important to note that almost all of the immigrants that her husband is currently targeting are following the rules, as well. This is just further proof that Donald doesn’t really care about immigration as a whole. He cares about keeping brown people out of America.

Now that Donald has publicly labeled House Speaker Pelosi as a racist during his hate-fueled speech at his “Made in America” event, referencing the very same “make America white again” comments that Nancy made earlier this year, and even more recently fired up the impeachment train on his ass, we can only imagine that this feud will get worse. And we have full confidence that Pelosi will fire back just as perfectly.

You can watch the House Speaker’s remarks here:

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