Paul Manafort’s Daughter Just Sent A Savage Message To Her Dad And Trump, Kills GOP In One Sentence

Manafort is about to regret ever working for Trump in the first place.

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Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is having an awful time thanks to his trials and involvement with America’s undeserving president. His relationship with Trump and his criminal activity has just cost him something even more — his family. Things have just gotten extremely personal, as one of Manafort’s beloved family members has had enough, taking a major step toward removing herself from the shame that the “Manafort” name now brings.

Just like Trump has ruined the entire “Trump” brand and his family’s reputation, Manafort has done the same. Thanks to his scandal and his criminal conviction, Manafort’s daughter Jessica has decided to legally change her name so she never has to be associated with her corrupt father again. Ouch!

Jessica Manafort, a 36-year-old filmmaker, recently filed court papers in Manhattan last Friday, making the name change official. The New York Post reported that she will now go by Jessica Anne Bond, which she says is a way “to separate myself and my work from a public perception that has nothing to do with the person that I am.”


We can’t blame her. Bond stated that she wanted to distance herself from the negative attention that her father and Trump have brought to her former last name, and that she wants to be her own person now and stand firmly by her views. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bond made a striking statement that will kill the Republican Party and make both Trump and her father explode. Proving that she had very little in common with her father in the first place, Bond said:

I am a passionate liberal and a registered Democrat and this has been difficult for me. Although I am ‘the daughter of,’ I am very much my own person and hopefully people can realize that.”

We are happy for Bond, who can now live her life without the fear of being judged for her father’s actions and association with Trump.

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