One Of Trump’s Former Executives Just Praised Mueller, Sends Trump A Shocking Message

Trump never thought one of his own employees would say this.

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Donald Trump’s vile character flaws have resulted in some of the most shocking backlash, much of which is coming from his own former employees. Whether his ex-staffers are coming from his White House or one of his companies, Trump cannot seem to find any loyalty nowadays as people come forward in droves to either attack him, embarrass him, or warn America about the unhinged POTUS.

One of Trump’s own executives has just sent him a major ‘f*ck you’ on national television by turning on him and praising the man that is making Trump’s life a living hell — Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Barbara Res, a former executive at the Trump Organization, went on CNN on Friday afternoon to touch on the most recent developments in Trump’s investigations and completely trashed the president.

Speaking on news that former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg had been given immunity, Res predicted that things were about to get ugly for Trump. In speaking about Weisselberg, Res said:


He was an executive vice president like myself. I didn’t think that he was so much in the inner circle with Donald. I think he was more, you know, an everyday kind of, pay the bills, see the payroll, that kind of thing.”

Then Res said something that would make Trump wet his pants:

Over time it is very possible that he may have changed his position. When I heard that he was being granted immunity, my knee-jerk was: ‘Immunity for what?’ I didn’t think that Allen would necessarily have committed a crime that he could be charged with. But now I realize that — as scary as Trump is — Mueller is scarier. And I think that Allen probably said, ‘I will talk,’ or his lawyers probably advised him, but, ‘You have to grant me immunity just in case there is something that you think I may have done wrong that you can charge me with.’ That would be my gut on it.”

Res also spoke about how Trump might be taking the fact that he’s been stabbed in the back. She said:

He may have known it since it happened a while ago. But as far as what he is thinking about these people turning on him, I think he is probably extremely angry, maybe a little surprised, although I don’t think he should be surprised.”

In all honesty, Trump is probably shocked that his own team is turning on him. He will even be shocked that Res is speaking out against him. Trump prides himself on being a great judge of character and seems oblivious that he’s been proven wrong an endless number of times. Trump’s own ignorance in Mueller’s investigation is going to cost him — and Res pointed it out perfectly.

You can watch the interview below:

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