Obama Puts Trump To Shame, Steps In As POTUS To Give Healthcare Message To Americans

Even Trump voters know that THIS is what a president should be.

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For the last two years, Donald Trump has tried to do everything he could to completely dismantle and destroy the healthcare system. From his disastrous, highly flawed Trumpcare and pathetic attempts to do away with the Affordable Care Act, the current president has tried to nix everything his predecessor, former president Barack Obama, set up for America.

Unfortunately for Trump, Obama still cares for Americans and is still proving himself to be a man that Trump will never measure up to.

Trump hasn’t done a damn thing to remind Americans to renew their coverage or sign up for health insurance, even though the deadline is just days away. With his fellow Americans in mind, Obama has stepped in to send a presidential message that Trump is incapable of doing even though he’s been tweeting constantly for days. Releasing a video on his Twitter account, Obama sent Americans a reminder to Americans to sign up for healthcare before the December 15 deadline.


The video is so refreshing after looking at Trump’s dark, pessimistic, immature tweets and speeches. It’s a beautiful, yet sad reminder of our last president, a man that most of us wish could have been elected again. Obama’s video shows, without even saying it, how little Trump cares about America’s youth and the future of this country. You can watch Obama’s video to young Americans below:

Obama may not be in the White House anymore, but he clearly hasn’t abandoned the American people. At times like this, Obama is a welcome, yet bittersweet, distraction.

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