Obama Makes Major Speech Just Days After Bomb Threat, Exposes Republicans In The Best Way

Obama just wiped the floor with the GOP.

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Unlike spineless Republicans, Democrats are not ignoring what is going on in this country under Donald Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric. Just days after being targeted (along with many other Democrats) in a bombing attack by a Trump supporter, former president Barack Obama was back to campaigning for midterms in Wisconsin today.

In a passionate speech, Obama showed America that nothing would intimidate him or stop him from trying to make America a better, safer place as he trashed Republicans and exposed them for being hypocrites and liars. In his speech, Obama brought up Trump’s recent lies that he and the GOP were protecting pre-existing conditions. He said:

That is not spin, that’s not exaggeration, that’s not try to put a positive glow on things. That’s lying!”

Then, Obama trashed conservatives over their fear mongering and obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails during the last election, which made gullible conservatives latch onto Trump. Referencing a recent report from the New York Times that stated Chinese spies were listening in to Trump’s cell phone calls, Obama said:


In the last election, it was Hillary’s emails! ‘This is terrible! Hillary’s emails!’ We were hearing emails everywhere! ‘This is a national security crisis!’ They didn’t care about emails! And you know how you know? Because if they did, they’d be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the President’s iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart!”

We all know Trump doesn’t use nearly enough security measures on his phone. Obama is 100 percent right, especially since The New York Times brought up this interesting (and scary) fact in its report:

Last year, Mr. Trump’s cellphone was left behind in a golf cart at his club in Bedminster, N.J., causing a scramble to locate it, according to two people familiar with what took place.”

Obama made an excellent point. And just to give you an idea of what a real president looks like compared to an imposter, this was Trump’s response to the report about his cell phone:

The New York Times has a new Fake Story that now the Russians and Chinese (glad they finally added China) are listening to all of my calls on cellphones. Except that I rarely use a cellphone, & when I do it’s government authorized. I like Hard Lines. Just more made up Fake News!

America truly misses having a real POTUS. Instead of cowering in fear and hiding behind Twitter like Trump would, Obama is back to working for America and showing Republicans that nothing will stop Democrats this November. Watch America’s last real president slam the GOP below:

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