New Report Claims Trump Is “Really Mad” At Jared Kushner For Jeopardizing His Bid For Re-Election

That whole administration is falling apart.

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Whether he wants to admit it or not, Donald Trump’s entire administration is falling apart before his very eyes. Joe Biden, along with a couple of other 2020 Democratic hopefuls, is positively crushing him in the polls, his relationship with his beloved vice president is hanging on the precipice of complete and utter disaster, he can’t keep a cabinet of employees to save his soul, and now he’s entangled in perhaps the biggest scandal of the century regarding this Ukraine ordeal.

To say the least, he is watching his chances for a 2020 reelection slowly slip away from him — and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Hell, he may not even make it to the election at this point.

But, Trump will always be Trump. Which means regardless of what happens he will never take the blame for his own downfall. He has to find someone to take the fall — and that’s coming in the form of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.


Trump pushed many of his family members into positions they didn’t deserve within his cabinet and it’s seemingly coming back to bite him in the ass now. Or, at least, that’s where he intends to lay the blame.

According to a new report from Politico Trump’s blunders in the polls have caused him to turn his back on one of the few legislative moves that were halfway decent because it’s not reaping the political benefits he expected, and Kushner is catching the backlash over it as he’s the one that pushed Donald to pass it in the first place.

Last year, Kushner encouraged Trump to sign the First Step Act, a criminal reform bill, by convincing Donald that the felons who benefited from the bill would, in turn, vote for him.

But Politico now reports that a source close to the situation stated, “He’s really mad that he did it. He’s saying that he’s furious at Jared because Jared is telling him he’s going to get all these votes of all these felons.”

The bill in question was meant to cut down overall prisons sentences and reduce the number of American citizens wasting away in jail cells. However, Politico’s source claims that Donald doesn’t feel as though his existing base of supporters wants to see fewer people in jail.

One source spoke with the publication regarding a recent meeting between Kushner and Trump, in which they discussed the bill as an issue within the campaign, stating, “It was clear he thinks it’s a total dud. He made it abundantly clear he doesn’t think it’s worth talking about.”

Another White House official source told Politico that Trump was never actually excited about supporting the bill in the first place.

“It would be difficult to say it’s a change of heart,” the White House source explained. “I don’t think his heart was ever really in it.”

Now we just sit back and wait for Trump to destroy himself.

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