New 2020 Republican Challenger For Trump Comes Forward, Blasts POTUS’ Leadership

Trump needs to watch it!

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Donald Trump’s re-election campaign was pathetic (and doomed) from the second it began — which was as soon as he stepped foot in the White House. Completely ignoring the fact that he never would have won the election without help from his BFF Russian president Vladimir Putin (and the fact that the majority of America voted against him), Trump announced his re-election campaign like he actually had a chance.

Trump still doesn’t have much chance, considering how terrible the president’s approval rating is (and continues to be). Now, more Republicans are coming forward to condemn the president and throw themselves into the 2020 race.

Earlier today, outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich stated that he was “very seriously” considering running against Trump. In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Kasich said he’d been discussing the possibility of running against Trump for the GOP nomination “virtually every day” with his close inner circle. Kasich said:


Look, we need different leadership ― there isn’t any question about it. I’m worried about our country ― and not just in the short-term, but I’m worried about our country in the long-term.”

While Kasich may have lost against Trump in the 2016 Republican primaries, without a doubt there will be GOPers who support him this time around after realizing what a big mistake they made in electing the former reality television star.

In the interview, Kasich also expressed how unhappy he was with Trump’s “tone” and stances on Saudi Arabia, immigration policy, and the debt the country was falling into. Kasich said:

The question for me is, what do I do about this? Do I run because I’ve determined that I can win? Or is it important for me to make such a good showing that I can send a message that can disrupt the political system in this country? So yeah, I have to think about it.

Let’s be clear: I’m not being coy. I’m [not] just trying to do this for some kind of a game. This is really, really serious to me.”

Considering that Kasich was a big rival for Trump in 2016, we can predict that he’ll give Trump a run for his money. You can watch Kasich trash Trump below:

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