NBC Source Reveals Trump May Have Shared Sensitive Information With Sean Hannity On Unsecured Phone Line

This is most definitely not okay.

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As Donald Trump tries in vain to deny new reports that both Russia and China have intercepted his communications due to his refusal to give up his unsecured cell phones, Americans have been having a heyday with his rookie mistake:

You can’t see it on the normal Twitter website — but browsing from Twitter-specific apps will often show you exactly what kind of device or method someone used to send a tweet. So, like the rest of the people making fun of the President, I had a pretty good laugh when I looked at it from TweetDeck and saw this:


The problem is, it’s not just something to have a chuckle about — conducting business or even communicating on an unsecured line can be devastatingly bad and extraordinarily dangerous. Just ask Hillary Clinton, who was investigated to no end by Republicans who were obsessed with the fact that she had her own email account.

What’s more, we know by his own admission that Trump has given his personal cell number to multiple world leaders and calls them regularly on his own personal cell.

You know who else he calls all the time, though? Sean Hannity. That’s already been a sore spot in the news, with many calling Hannity an unofficial adviser to the President — something that undoubtedly thrills the Fox News cash cow. Now Trump’s real aides in the West Wing have admitted that they worry the President may have leaked sensitive information to Hannity over an unsecured line, according to NBC’s Adam Edelman.

Who knows what kind of danger Donald Trump is putting America in with his refusal to adhere to even normal safety protocols because he doesn’t think rules apply to him.

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