NBC Host Reveals In Exclusive Interview That Trump Aide Spoke To Bob Mueller, Told Him “there was a lot of corruption” In Administration

I'm not sure Katy knew she was getting this big of an interview today.

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In a shocking Tuesday morning interview with NBC’s Katy Tur — a favorite journalistic target of the President — former aide and former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman dropped a bombshell that perhaps no one could have seen coming: She reports that she has been in talks with Robert Mueller’s office, and that the talks are regarding “a lot of corruption” in the campaign and in the administration.

More importantly, Omarosa says she told the Special Counsel that Trump knew about the hacked emails — those illegally gathered from DNC servers and from Hillary Clinton’s servers by Russian hackers and strategically released to provide maximum benefit to Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency — well before they were released, and said nothing to authorities. Katy asked Omarosa whether Trump had a “back-channel” that informed his knowledge of the emails, but the only clarification Manigault-Newman got was that Trump knew not just about the emails but what was in the emails.

The two exchanged ideas on Roger Stone, the former Trump campaign aide whose assistant was just held in contempt of court for refusing to testify in the Mueller investigation, and whether Stone could have possibly been the source for Trump’s knowledge of the emails — but Omarosa offered only a soundbite on how Stone was a “shadowy figure” in what the former White House communications official called “Trumpworld.”


DC Tribune apologizes in advance for just tucking away that word for future use, Omarosa.

While Omarosa clearly didn’t have any inside accounts of what Roger Stone may or may not have told Donald Trump, that makes sense — ostensibly no one in the entire “Trumpworld” orbit has been more successful at keeping secrets than Roger Stone, which also makes sense, since he has a lifetime of experience being secretive.

Then Katy asked how worried staffers and aides inside the White House right now are about the ongoing Mueller investigation.

OMAROSA: They should be very worried.

KATYAre they worried?

OMAROSA: Absolutely.”

Watch the exchange between Katy Tur and Omarosa Manigault-Newman here:

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