National Cathedral Just Humiliated Trump, Busted Him On His Lie About McCain’s Funeral

Trump's oversized ego continues to astound us.

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump actually managed to shock America again with something he said, despite having worn down our senses gradually and systematically over the last three years to the point where we thought nothing might ever shock us again.

Regarding the state funeral of late Arizona Senator and legendary lawmaker John McCain, Trump actually claimed credit for having allowed the funeral to happen, and complained that he hadn’t been thanked for the gift of honoring one of the nation’s most famous politicians in history. During a speech in Ohio, the President told the crowd that he had “given” McCain the “kind of funeral that he wanted,” but that he “didn’t get a thank you” from — McCain? His family? We’re not sure who Trump thought should have thanked him for his magnanimous act of generosity.

Leave it to Donald Trump to pick a fight with a man who’s been dead for seven months and still look like a loser.


But later that day, the National Cathedral, which presides over services for those that Congress decides to give a state funeral to, said in a statement that they most certainly didn’t need Trump to carry out the service:

In fact, shortly after, commentator Jonathan Lemire told Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball that Trump’s singular role in the ceremony was in having arranged for McCain’s body to be transported by military vehicles to the proceedings:

Once again, Trump attempted to claim credit for something that had nothing to do with him, and once again, he looked like a colossal asshole doing it.

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