Nancy Pelosi Takes Brilliant Dig At Trump As She Takes The Gavel As New Speaker Of The House

This is the kind of leadership America needs.

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Today, as was widely expected, Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco was elected Speaker of the House, and during the speech she gave accepting the position, she touched on a lot of points that many believe are essential to a successful 116th Congress.

But it was already clear that even before the subtle jab she made at the President as she wound her way through the oratory of taking control of the House, Speaker Pelosi has gotten under his skin.

Thursday morning, after he’d gotten bored of posting memes about another woman he’ll be facing off against soon, Trump tweeted about the “historic wins” achieved by the GOP last year:


None of us are quite sure what he’s referring to there, since his party lost the House and gained only the seats in the Senate that literally everyone expected them to win — and even some of those wins were by razor-thin margins.

We figure it’s because he already knows full well exactly what Nancy Pelosi would bring up a few hours later in her speech — namely, that the President is not a unitary executive. He doesn’t just get to do what he wants. And as of today, Donald Trump will officially never sign another piece of legislation without the Democrats’ approval. And the way that Speaker Pelosi put it in her speech today couldn’t have been more eloquent:

Two months ago, the American people spoke and demanded a new dawn. They called upon the beauty of our Constitution, and our system of checks and balances that protects our democracy, remembering that the Legislative Branch is Article One, the first branch of government, co-equal to the Presidency and to the Judiciary.”

The applause for this line was thunderous.

Watch as the new Speaker of the House puts an unhinged and out-of-control President in his place:

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