MSNBC Host Shows List Of Vacant Positions In Trump Administration: “I Can’t Even Say The Names Fast Enough”

The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

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Donald Trump’s entire administration has been falling apart since before it was ever really put together. Donald is almost constantly firing someone for arbitrary reasons that generally revolve around his feelings getting hurt, and those that have been lucky enough to avoid termination seem to be jumping ship before they find themselves in so deep that even McDonalds won’t hire them to wipe down tables.

The few people that are left monkeying around his circus he calls a government aren’t even enjoying any permanency as the majority of them all have “acting” stamped to the beginning of their job title.

After today’s resignation of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta in the wake of the Epstein scandal that’s currently going down, MSNBC’s “Meet The Press Daily” sat down to take a good, hard look at Trump’s blatant inability to not only adequately staff his administration, but keep it staffed.


“If it’s Friday, another Trump Administration official is out. Add Alex Acosta to the ever-growing list of former cabinet members,” MSNBC host Chuck Todd began. “Is this any way to run the government?”

“Today, the president’s Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta quit amid a barrage of his criticism for that handling of that 2007 plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein — and of course amidst more victims speaking out,” Todd continued.

Todd then pulled up a scrolling graphic of vacancies within the Trump administration on the screen but quickly gave up on his attempt to read out loud all of the staffing gaps saying, “I can’t even say the names fast enough and they keep going as you see here.”

It won’t be much longer before there’s just literally no one left.

You can watch the clip here:

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