More Bad News For President Trump As Avenatti Breaks Down The Cohen Tapes: “The tapes contain very damaging admissions made by Donald Trump”

America is fortunate to have private citizens who sometimes act as public servants.

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America’s favorite lawyer Michael Avenatti is back on the front lines in today’s revelation of 12 audiotapes recovered from the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s former offices and apartment. Although the public is not yet aware of the content of the tapes, the fact that Donald Trump’s former “fixer” and personal friend Cohen felt he needed to make the recordings covertly indicates that some very incriminating statements lie within.

DC Tribune reached out to Mr. Avenatti for his take on what we might expect from the eventual release of the tapes, but as of the time of this writing, he had not yet gotten back to us. He was in contact with Twitter regular Ed Krassenstein of HillReporter, however, and provided a quote:

The tapes contain very damaging admissions made by Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and others as to a number of critical issues.”

Tantalizing, but hardly red meat for the crowd.


But as the public figure who correctly predicted months ago that there was not only one tape, but multiple recordings that would be seized in the raid, Avenatti’s other public statements paint the whole picture perhaps better than a pithy soundbite he could provide for the masses. From what Trump should have known:

To what Mr. Cohen should do now in order to prove his love of country:

We can’t wait to hear what’s actually on the tapes. But for now, we’ll take the commentary from Avenatti, who has yet to be wrong about anything he’s said thus far in the entire ordeal.

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