Mitch McConnell Launches His Re-Election Campaign With Disgusting Anti-Obama Video

Republicans should be ashamed!

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Donald Trump may be a good portion of the Republican Party’s problems, but in all honesty, the party is crawling with terrible human beings. One perfect example of this is the spineless coward who has done nothing while Trump destroys the country, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). What this man has just done with his re-election campaign is yet another reminder of his complete lack of character.

McConnell just launched a re-election video and website, which celebrates the fact that he stole a U.S. Supreme Court seat. When former president Barack Obama tried to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, McConnell blocked every vote for Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland — a move that many saw as an abuse of McConnell’s power. Unfortunately, the disgusting three-minute video proves that McConnell couldn’t be any more proud of himself.

In the video, McConnell shows Obama telling America all he wants is an “up or down” vote on his SCOTUS nominee, stopping just short of blatantly taunting the former president. You can watch the video below:


Many outlets have pointed out that McConnell “launched his 2020 re-election bid by highlighting his own partisan obstruction…just weeks after McConnell penned an op-ed for Politico, in which he railed against ‘historic obstruction’ and ‘partisan delays’ from Democrats.”

Yes, now Republicans are actually highlighting their crimes. McConnell’s website is another “f*ck you” to Obama – the “404” page features a photo of Judge Garland that says, “Oops This Page Doesn’t Exist, But just in case, go donate and make sure it doesn’t come back.” You can check that out below:

Republicans aren’t known for having any measure of class, but even this is revolting for a top GOPer.

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