Mike Pence’s Home State Just Insulted Everything The Vice President Stands For, Latest Move Will Piss Him Off

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While we all know that Donald Trump is far from the champion of LGBTQ rights that former President Barack Obama was, he’s still not as bad as his Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence is terrifying due to his super conservative, hateful brand of religion and his support for anything anti-LGBT. Considering the Vice President’s long history of bigotry, this is exactly why the latest move by his home state, Indiana, is going to make him throw a fit.

It was just recently announced that this month, Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles began offering licenses that were gender neutral. Instead of the regular “M” and “F” on licenses, citizens can now choose to get an “X.” BMV spokeswoman Susie Guyer stated that this move came “in response to constituents requesting a nonbinary marker” as well as a lawsuit that was championed by attorney Katherine Wood of Indiana Legal Services.


This makes Indiana the sixth state to allow a gender-neutral option for driver’s licenses and state identification cards. Considering that Indiana isn’t exactly known for being “LGBTQ-friendly,” this is a major step forward and one that will without a doubt piss Pence off like nothing else.

To get a license with the binary marker, “applicants must provide proof of a permanent gender change in the form of a certified, amended birth certificate or a signed and dated physician’s statement.” Megan Stuart, LGBTQ project director for Indiana Legal Services, said:

I am excited that Indiana has joined the growing number of states who recognize nonbinary gender identities by issuing nonbinary photo IDs. In a state known for its anti-LGBTQ laws, policies, and politicians, the BMV chose to recognize people with nonbinary genders without a legal battle.”

Men like Pence cannot stand that this country is moving forward and becoming more inclusive, pushing away harmful religious messages that are outdated. The fact that his own hometown did this will no doubt have the VP in a bad mood all month.

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