Mike Pence Generates Fury On Social Media After He Posts Photo Of “Toothpaste” In Attempt To Defend Treatment Of Migrants

This is absolutely heinous.

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A complete and total humanitarian crisis is currently taking place at our southern border. Children are instantly being ripped from the arms of their parents and herded into separate holding facilities which can only be described as America’s version of concentrations camps for people with brown skin.

Multiple reports have indicated that children and adults alike are living in downright deplorable conditions for an untold amount of time. Never knowing when they’ll be released, without access to so much as clean water, decent meals, beds, blankets, or basic hygiene necessities such as showers or toothpaste and a toothbrush. Children are sick and dying, alone on concrete floors while grown men and women are crammed into cages like cattle with barely any room to stand, much less lie down, for days at a time.

After a brutal article from the New York Times in combination with visits to these migrant detention centers by the likes of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who immediately blasted the atrocious and inhumane conditions that human beings are being forced to live in, the Trump administration was finally prodded into sending someone of their own inside these facilities to witness first hand the squalor and filth that’s taking place.


Vice President Mike Pence toured these facilities recently and video footage proved that the conditions are just as bad β€” if not worse β€” than we expected. Guards were wearing masks, human beings were packed into chainlink cages akin to animals, thin silver emergency blankets littered the floors and accompanying reporters described the smell inside as “horrendous.”

Yet that did absolutely nothing to stanch our cruel and ignorant VP’s attempts to lessen the severity of the situation.

Pence has little more to say after his visit than to admit that he witnessed a “system that was overwhelmed.”

He then turned attempted to discredit the multiple reports claiming that detainees don’t even have basic hygiene necessities by posting a photo on his Twitter account of one measly cardboard box, with the word “toothpaste” hastily scribbled on the side in permanent marker, as proof that basic needs are being met in these torture camps.

The real kicker? Whatever is in that box that Pence snapped a picture of, ain’t toothpaste.

No sir, Mr. Pence. We are not here for your lies and we are not buying your bullshit.

You can read some of the best Twitter replies to Mike’s pathetic attempt here:

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