Michael Avenatti Just Took Major Step Towards 2020 That Will Have Trump Furious

He may not just be satisfied with beating him in court.

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The lawyer who became an American icon during the breaking news period of the Stormy Daniels saga, Michael Avenatti, has had a whirlwind career since that story became household news. Since then, he has gone on to represent many of the immigrant families affected by the “zero tolerance” immigration policy enacted by Donald Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, even going so far as to petition the courts for custody of one young boy so that he could fly him home to his mother in Guatemala.

But true to form for anyone that publicly opposes the positions and policies of the Trump administration, it soon became apparent that Avenatti might set his sights higher, and a political future for the young lawyer looks to be on the horizon. He even famously spoke of actually running for the presidency, should he believe that no other candidates in the race could beat Trump in 2020.

Now that phase of his public life is in full swing, and he’s doing something usually reserved for only seasoned veterans of the political process: He’s speaking at campaign events.


It’s difficult to speculate whether Avenatti had this in mind when he entered the public sphere, but he has certainly embraced it. He’s already visited Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Ohio — all so-called “swing” states — and is next scheduled to appear in Florida and New Hampshire, also considered crucial to any presidential campaign.

Lest you think DC Tribune is getting ahead of ourselves, on Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted a list of policy positions:

That certainly looks like the run-up to a political campaign.

At a stop in Iowa, Avenatti told NBC News,

I think that if the Democratic Party focuses on nominating who will make the best president, that’s going to be a critical mistake. There’s only one question at the end of the day, and that question is: Can the potential nominee beat Donald Trump?”

Watch a segment of the interview here:

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