Michael Avenatti Drops The Bombshell We’ve All Been Waiting For, Releases Damaging Information Regarding Kavanaugh’s Past

This changes EVERYTHING.

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Famed lawyer Michael Avenatti, as promised, has identified the third woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual contact during his time in school in the early 1980s, and her sworn statement has the power to blow the nomination out of the water.

Just before 11 AM EST, Avenatti tweeted — his usual method of public discovery, which his proclivity for has been indescribably beneficial to transparency — photocopies of the statements he sent to Mike Davis, the top Republican lawyer for the Senate Judiciary Committee, which contain bombshell after bombshell.

Shortly after, Avenatti tweeted a picture and the name of his client: Julie Swetnick.


The statement Swetnick gave contradicts so much of what Kavanaugh has claimed so far, it’s hard to know where to begin. But a good start is the fact that she describes Kavanaugh’s associate Mark Judge as a key witness and indeed a participant to the act perpetrated by Kavanaugh and others in 1982.

Among the claims:

  • Kavanaugh and Judge were “joined at the hip” during the time period in question
  • Both young men were known to deliberate drug or “spike” punch at parties in order to incapacitate young girls
  • Both men participated in “train”-style rapes, during which a young girl who was passed out from tainted punch or too much alcohol would be raped in succession by a “train” of participants taking turns
  • She herself was a victim of such an incident, and told people around her about it, including names, at the time of the incident
  • She’s got witnesses

If these new claims are not investigated by the FBI, it will leave a stain on the Supreme Court that no amount of time can wash out. Republicans have already been derelict in rushing to confirm a man who stands accused of things most would consider absolutely disqualifying, but this is a whole new ballgame.

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