Melania’s One Year Anniversary Of Anti-Bullying “Be Best” Campaign Gets Completely Ruined By Trump’s Insults

What a disaster!!!

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To most of America, First Lady Melania Trump’s “Be Best” campaign is an absolute joke. Not only has Melania done the absolute MINIMUM in her role to initiate the campaign (in fact she has spent most of Donald Trump’s presidency in hiding), but her husband’s own behavior on Twitter goes against the campaign’s anti-cyber bullying cause. It only seems natural that the one year anniversary of Melania’s campaign would be ruined by her husband, as he has ruined many of her events in the past with his terrible online behavior.

The White House will be holding an event to celebrate the “Be Best” campaign’s one year anniversary, and once again the President struck. Earlier today, CNN’s Jim Sciutto remarked on the campaign’s milestone and decided to use it an opportunity to tell the First Lady and her unhinged husband to get their act together. Bringing attention to the many times that Trump bullied someone on social media, Sciutto said:

Today marks one year since Melania Trump launched the platform to help children focusing on their wellbeing, their social media use, as well as opioid abuse. But her campaign has also done something else — put the spotlight on the very different contradictory message that her husband is sending, particularly online.”

Sciutto followed this up with numerous examples where Trump had insulted well respected, high profile individuals, including Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, and John McCain (even after his death). Sciutto remarked, “When it comes to the First Lady’s Be Best initiative, it does not seem that the president gets the message.”


You can watch the video below:

This is a brilliant reminder that the president is NO role model for our children, as he cannot even demonstrate respectful behavior when his wife’s campaign depends on it. Once again, Melania is reminded that she’s not fooling anyone.

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