Melania Trump Just Issued Ironic Tweet About Drug Addiction, Internet Tears Her To Shreds

Melania Trump gets dragged on Twitter after yet another hypocritical post.

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Seems the entire Trump family is on a Twitter roll today.

This morning, Donald sent out an outlandish tweet ranting about the “complexity” of airplanes — leading the entire internet to question his sanity as well as his drug habits yet again. But no sooner than that dumpster fire settled down, his leading lady and favorite former prostitute, Melania, unleashed a pretty ironic Tweet about the struggles of addiction — And the Twitter-sphere is letting her have it.


There are a handful of demented souls going on about how proud they are that she’s brave enough to draw attention to the matter. But, the general consensus is that she’s a hypocritical shithead, much like her husband. And to say the least, we’re not impressed. You don’t exactly get to claim that you give a damn about the struggle of addiction or the turmoil that comes with that when you’re constantly encouraging your husband’s deranged behavior. Behavior that, let’s be honest, is pretty indicative of drug use.

It’s no secret that Trump himself has faced several accusations of drug use in the past — And the folks over at Twitter are not about to let Melania or any of the other Trump cronies forget that.

In fact, the replies Melania is getting on her tweet show that the internet has had about enough of her self-righteous shit:

The fact of the matter is, Melania isn’t going to get anywhere by acting high and mighty from the safety of her Twitter account while her husband pukes out rage Tweets and cuts Medicare funding.

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