Melania Stuns Audience As She Ruins Her Own Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign: “Sometimes You Need To Fight Back”

Did Trump make her say this?!

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First Lady Melania Trump has routinely shunned the spotlight thanks to her husband’s embarrassing behavior and plentiful sex scandals. While America has mourned the loss of having a real First Lady like Michelle Obama, after you hear this you will probably agree that Melania should just stay in the shadows.

Melania first shocked America when she came forward about her #BeBest anti-cyberbullying campaign. It seemed doomed from the start, as her husband continues to be the main perpetrator of cyberbullying and menacing behavior on a daily basis. And yet the First Lady stood behind her campaign and refused to acknowledge the hypocrisy. But earlier today, Melania spoke up about her campaign — and it definitely raised eyebrows.

As the First Lady spoke with CRTV host Eric Bolling at Liberty University’s town hall on opioids, Melania defended her anti-cyberbullying campaign — by pretty much ruining its cause and revealing that she didn’t believe in it. Addressing criticism to the #BeBest campaign, Melania said “sometimes you need to fight back” on social media — ruining any credibility she had left. The First Lady said:


I knew when I started the initiative that I will be criticized, but I will do what is right for the next generation.”

She then said it was important that “the next generation can be respectful and kind” on social media. Then she said this puzzling statement:

And also sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry.”

I can’t think of a sentence that could have ruined the #BeBest campaign faster. Did Trump tell her to say this?! Melania clearly had her husband in mind when she said this, because Trump has earned the anti-cyberbullying campaign loads of criticism for his outrageous behavior. But now, no one will ever take Melania seriously. You can watch the interview below:

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