Melania Just Did A Photoshoot At The White House After Shutdown, America Flips Out

She's just as bad as her husband!

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Donald Trump is currently being roasted beyond comprehension for his completely ineffective 35-day government shutdown, which he ended without ever securing funding for his border wall even though that was the entire point. Fortunately for The Donald, he’s not alone and can now wallow in his misery with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump — because she’s also in the hot seat.

The disgraced First Lady made people furious earlier today when she posted a glamorous photo of herself going “back to work” (even though she doesn’t do a damn thing). Melania’s office was mostly furloughed during the shutdown, but her absence went completely unnoticed because she doesn’t do anything even when she is there. To celebrate the end to the shutdown, Melania tweeted this:

Our work in the East wing continues into 2019 with online safety, fighting opioid abuse & supporting the well-being of children everywhere! #BeBest”


Much like Trump, Melania still hasn’t learned that her tone-deaf tweets will only make America hate her more. Let’s not forget that the First Lady was draining the country by using government resources while the shutdown continued — she flew to Florida on the very same day that Trump told Nancy Pelosi he was delaying her trip to Afghanistan “in light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay.”

America doesn’t forget, and they blasted Melania for this disgusting tweet which looked more like a photoshoot than someone who was ready to work hard after a long break:

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