Melania Insulted Australian Former Foreign Minister In The Worst Way, Mistook Her For Politician’s Wife

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While it’s truly hard to top any of Donald Trump’s f*ckups, it seems that his wife Melania Trump has picked up a few terrible habits from her husband and also thinks nothing of insulting people in public.

There’s no denying that the Trumps should not be in the White House. They’re a far cry from the Obamas, who immediately integrated into America’s political world flawlessly and took their roles as the First Family seriously. Unfortunately, America cannot say the same for the Trumps. The Donald has spent over two years in the White House with his family, and they still have yet to learn the basics of the people and countries they must work with. This couldn’t have been more apparent than in the story that broke over the weekend, exposing Melania for being just as moronic as her husband.

Over the weekend, Australia’s former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop shared her experience when she met Melania Trump, and revealed the the First Lady had thought she was a politician’s wife. She said:


Melania, standing by, assumed David was the foreign minister and she said to me: ‘Julie, will you be coming to my ladies’ lunch tomorrow?’ And I said ‘No, David’s going to the partners’ lunch’. She thought about that for a while, thinking: ‘Why would Australia’s foreign minister come to the partners’ lunch?’ So this went on for a while until the president explained that I was the foreign minister.”

I mean, we all knew that Melania is far from a feminist, but come on! Bishop served as Foreign Minister for five years, from 2013 to 2018 – Melania should have educated herself! This is an absolutely unforgivable screwup and just goes to show that Melania is not even half the First Lady that Michelle Obama was.

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