Media Begins Movement To Ban Trump Administration From Television, POTUS Will Be Enraged

Trump is gonna HATE this!

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After the very disturbing revelations about the lies White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has told in press briefings, the media is more leary than ever about broadcasting interviews with proven pathological liars.

Even when Sanders was confronted about the lies that had been exposed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, the press secretary lied AGAIN — forever proving that she can’t be trusted. Since the Trump administration clearly isn’t going to clean up its act, it’s now up to the free press to take action and protect the truth.

Earlier today, Morning Joe held a discussion about the consequences of giving known liars such as Rudy Giuliani, Kellyanne Conway, and Sanders airtime. These people have lied to and misled the American people time and time again, and it might be time for the media to take the next step to maintain America’s dignity.


During this discussion, co-host Mika Brzezinski eventually asked, “do we interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Do we put her on airwaves at this point? What happens to briefings if they ever come back? Where do we go with a situation like this?”

Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire stated that this was something that media was constantly battling with, and Brzezinski stated that MSNBC had banned her from being on air because “it’s literally 20 minutes of nothing, of lies.” Her c0-host, Joe Scarborough said:

This isn’t opinion, it isn’t subjective, you can stack their words up against words they’ve used in the past and they just lie and they do it openly and if they would like to get angry about that, we’d be glad to run clips all day tomorrow showing their lies. But the same thing with Rudy Giuliani. I was watching some hosts interview Giuliani and he was saying things that were objectively false. I sat there wondering ‘okay well if you’ve got to let this guy on despite the fact that he’s going to lie, why don’t you interrupt him and call out on every lie as they’re moving forward? I don’t understand. That’s not even-handed journalism. That’s just allowing a propagandist to come on and tell knowable lies.”

He followed that up with this, which will leave Trump fuming:

I don’t think reporters should have White House staff on who repeatedly lie.”

Brzezinski agreed and made a call to action to fellow networks and reporters:

It’s time to take a stand. If [Sanders] won’t step down, we need to step up.”

You can watch the segment below, which is the beginning of a movement to get the liars in the Trump administration off the air – permanently.

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