Major UK Newspaper Posts Scathing Editorial About Trump, Want To Cancel His Upcoming Visit To Great Britain

They don't want you on the other side of the world either, Trump.

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As it turns out, Great Britain doesn’t want Donald Trump any more than we do. Trump is set to make a state visit to Great Britain soon and a major U.K. newspaper is calling for the cancellation of that visit in a scathing editorial before Donald even shows up.

Trump hasn’t been welcome in the U.K. since pretty much the beginning of his presidency and he knows that. That’s why he postponed his state visit last year in fear of the pretty serious protests he knew he’d be met with. He did eventually show up but made a point to avoid any public appearances and still managed to inspire mass demonstrations against him — including the infamous Trump baby blimp.

This year, the Brits seem to prefer that he just not show up at all.


If he were to attend, the protocol would dictate that Donald would receive a carriage ride with the Queen, be treated to a feast at Buckingham Palace, and given the opportunity to address British lawmakers in the Houses of Parliament. Considering Trump’s behavior in his own country as well as his mannerless behavior during his last visit — when he walked in front of the Queen, blatantly breaking the royal protocol.

It’s clear that if Donald chooses to attend his state visit this year, he will not be received warmly.

“The prospect of Donald Trump making a state visit to Britain in June is stomach-churning… By his words and action over two wretched, destructive years in power, he has proved beyond doubt he is no friend of Britain,” the Observer editorial read.

While the U.K. government, and specifically Prime Minister Theresa May, may be eager for Trump’s appearance in hopes for new trade deals after Brexit, it seems that the rest of the country is none too excited to see his orange face again.

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