Lindsey Graham Comes Unhinged After Kavanaugh Confirmation, Unleashes Insane Attack On Democrats

Lindsey Graham is basically America's second Trump now.

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Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, has just been confirmed into the Supreme Court, marking the continuation of a very dark time in America under Donald Trump’s presidency. Unfortunately, now the majority of the country is having to listen to a bunch of old, white conservatives celebrate the fact that there are enough rape apologists in the United States to get an undeserving judge into the Supreme Court.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is one of the most disappointing cases right now. Once a Trump critic, the GOP senator is now Trump’s new golf buddy and becomes more like the unhinged president every day. After defending Kavanaugh in an angry, despicable rant during the then-nominee’s hearing, Graham is unraveling yet again — and this time he’s doing it just like Trump would.

Taking to Twitter, Graham celebrated Kavanaugh’s confirmation by childishly taunting Democrats. Posting a photo of himself with Kavanaugh, Graham said:


I’m not tired of winning……..Victory!”

Graham also said:

Brett Kavanaugh is exactly the right person, at the right time to serve on the Supreme Court. A conservative jurist. A good man with the background and experience worthy of this high honor.”

And of course, Graham made sure to kiss Trump’s big fat orange a** while he was at it.

In fact, Graham has gone so far off the deep end over this, that he actually made Trump’s statement seem more calm and level-headed. Here’s what Trump wrote:

The next few days are going to be rough for this country, as the GOP shoves their undeserved victory in everyone’s faces. A Supreme Court with Kavanaugh on it is terrifying, and we all need to vote in November to reverse this nightmare.

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