Lindsey Graham And Marco Rubio Looked Visibly Uncomfortable As Trump Went After Democrats During Speech


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Trump’s reelection campaign is officially in full swing now.

At one of the many recent rallies he’s held, he quickly took to making gross comments about immigration and launching an all-out attack on the “fake news” media.

But it didn’t take long for him to move on to one of his most favorite victims of them all — the Democrats.


However, it seems that some of his staunchest supporters were feeling a little warm in their seats as Donald tore into the other side.

As he ranted and raged, a camera panned over Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, two Trump lapdogs if ever there were one, and boy did they look wildly uncomfortable.

“Imagine if we had a Democrat president and a Democrat Congress in 2020,” Trump’s rant began as his minions squirmed and the crowd booed.

“They would shut down your free speech, use the power of the law to punish their opponents, which they’re trying to do now anyway, they’ll always be trying to shield themselves. They would strip Americans of the constitutional rights while flooding the country with illegal immigrants in the hopes it will expand their political base and they’ll get votes someplace down the future,” Donald fumed.

“That’s what it’s about.”

It seems that his little thing one and thing two in the crowd weren’t so happy to hear it, though — as they visibly squirmed and fidgeted in their seats. Both of them rubbing their faces in exasperation.

You can’t help but wonder what dirt Donald has on these people that has convinced them to continue to perpetuate his fucking nonsense.

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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