“Latinos For Trump” Crowd Erupts In Disgusting “Lock Them In The Cages” Chant Against Democrats After Pence Eggs Them On

What a sick bunch of people.

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Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a “Latinos for Trump” event during a recent kickoff rally in Miami, Florida. And according to Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, the MAGA supporter’s hatred dialed up to 100 when Pence mentioned the Trumpsters favorite scapegoat, the Democrats in Congress and the crowd began chanting “Traitors!” and “Lock them in the cages they built!”

Pence delivered his speech, which was billed as part of the Donald J. Trump for President Latino Coalition Rollout, from the DoubleTree Miami Airport & Convention Center and successfully fired the small crowd up into an absolute tizzy over the evil Democrats — you know? Donald Trump’s most favorite excuse, just short of the Mexicans, for everything that’s wrong in this country.

It didn’t take long for Pence to touch on the humanitarian crisis that Donald has instigated at our southern border stating, “The truth is we are on track this year for nearly a million people coming across our border. And it’s amazing to think that Democrats and many in the media spent the last 6 months saying it was a manufactured crisis.”


No less than three different members of the small crowd can be heard yelling “Traitor!” as Pence continued his address.

“But the only thing that was manufactured was their outrage. But as they denied the crisis, you all deserve to know the Democrats have also been denying funding for humanitarian assistance, for facilities to support the courageous men and women of costumes in board of protection,” the VP continued.

“Put them in the cages they built!” one MAGA supporter screamed. Which is especially rich, considering Dems have been fighting to get innocent children out of the cages that Donald Trump has imprisoned them in.

Pence soon shifted to talking about changing immigration laws, to which the crowd again chanted “Traitors!”

The VP then moved into perpetuating the dangerous lie that Democrats support “infanticide” rousing the crowd with the statement, “It’s amazing to think we live in a time when Democrats running for president or out there advocating late-term abortion and defending infanticide.”

Again, the small gathering erupted with shouts of “Murderers!”

It’s mind-boggling how the very same people that are victims of Trump’s cruel policies can be brainwashed into sycophant followers with just a few empty promises.

You can watch the clip here:

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