Key Republican Holds Secret Meeting With Sexual Assault Survivors After Seeing Kavanaugh Report, This Is Big

Holy crap. This could change everything.

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The latest development in the GOP is going to make many of the biggest rape apologists in the party very, very nervous. While some Republicans have come to their senses and have spoken out against Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, some of the most prominent ones are still willing to put party over justice. However, what one Republican just did is about to blow up in their faces.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who is one of the few swing Republican votes that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is dependent on, has just held a private, closed-door meeting with a group of sexual assault survivors. This meeting took place just hours after senators reviewed Kavanaugh’s FBI report, and Murkowski was thoroughly engaged in what these women had to say. It was reported that many women left this meeting in tears, and that it was a powerful and constructive experience. MSNBC’s Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake reported:

Lisa Murkowski has been meeting with dozens of Alaskan women privately in her office today, including several sexual assault survivors. The last group of 18 just left, describing a very emotional, hour [-plus] meeting.”

The women tell me Murkowski was VERY engaged with their stories and heard them out as they urged her to vote against Kavanaugh.”


In an interview with Chris Hayes later, Haake revealed more about what went on:

As I was getting ready to leave the Hill a little bit earlier tonight, I stumbled across a few dozen Alaskan women meeting with Sen. Murkowski. As they were coming out of her office they told me, in two separate groups, that they filled up her conference room and had this incredibly emotional meeting with the senator.”

What Haake described next is exactly why the GOP should be extremely concerned about this, because it looks like Murkowski is getting ready to side with the women on Kavanaugh:

They described this incredibly emotional meeting and they made very clear to tell me they felt like the senator was really listening to them. The most important note about this meeting I stumbled upon was the fact I stumbled upon it. This was not something Murkowski or her staff were broadcasting, wasn’t something they were trying to check a box saying ‘we’re meeting with constituents.’ They were trying to do this quietly.”

If Murkowski turns against Kavanaugh, the GOP is in big trouble.

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