Kellyanne Conway Vehemently Disagrees With Her Husband During Live Interview, Sides With Trump

We're not even surprised.

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Donald Trump has made quite the racist ass out of himself lately after he sent out a series of disgusting tweets attacking four Congresswomen of color, telling them to all to “go back where they came from” and then turned around and doubled down on his racist rhetoric in a speech he gave at his “Made in America” event.

But Donald need not fret, because Trump kiss-ass Kellyanne Conway is already coming to the rescue.

If you haven’t noticed, Kellyanne is the staunchest of Trump supporters while her husband, attorney George Conway, sides with most of the rest of the country, believing that Donald Trump is a huge piece of garbage who continually stains the good name of this nation. We can only imagine what their home life is like.


But George’s disapproval of our president has done absolutely nothing to stanch Kellyanne’s relentless defense of the man. In fact, she has gone out of her way to publicly disagree with her husband’s assessment of our nation’s “leader.”

Today, Kellyanne sat down for an interview with Trump’s favorite safe space, Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” and reiterated the fact that, should it come down between Donald or her hubby, George ain’t coming out on top.

George Conway recently penned an op-ed in which he explained that Donald’s recent attacks against the four Congresswomen have wholly convinced him that the president is a racist. On the Fox News segment, Kellyanne was questioned as to whether she agrees with her husband’s evaluation.

“I totally disagree. But I work with this president. I know him. I know his heart I know his actions. I know how much he has helped people of color and I go by what people do, not what other people say about them,” Kellyanne replied, throwing her husband under the bus once again.

She emphasized the point by “refusing” to nitpick disagreements between everyone’s lives.

“Respectfully I’m not going to run around pointing out everybody’s disagreements with the people in their lives,” Conway stated. “I sure could. I can point out people’s disagreements with their former spouses, their current spouses, and partner, their future spouses, and partners. But I won’t do that. And I would caution all those people who asked me to gaggle not to do that.”

I honestly can’t even say I’m surprised at this point. Kellyanne will forever go to bat for that douchebag. George is an attorney. He knows what to do.

You can watch the clip here:

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