Kellyanne Conway Loses Her Sh*t After Reporter Tells Her She’s Repeatedly Broken The Law

She's losing it!

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Kellyanne Conway is feeling the heat today after the Office of the Special Counsel highly recommended her termination — and it’s seeming like she can’t hack it.

Reports reveal that Kellyanne snapped at a reporter today after he asked for her comments of the Special Counsel’s conclusion that she repeatedly broke the law by violating the Hatch Act, which bars executive employees from engaging in political activity — and should be terminated from her position immediately.

CNBC White House correspondent Eamon Javers reported that he asked for Conway’s reaction to the allegations of repeated Hatch Act violations and the subsequent call for her termination. Javers alleges that Conway pointed to the door and said, “Can you leave please?”


Javers stuck it out and repeated the question to the White House counselor who finally gave a childish response, “I have no reaction. Why would I give you a reaction?”

The Office of the Special Counsel’s report explained how Conway’s incessant attacks against Democratic presidential candidates is a blatant and disgusting violation of the Hatch Act and Kellyanne should be removed from her position, effective immediately — due to the fact that she is a repeat offender and has made numerous flippant remarks about being above the specific law, and allowing her to continue as the White House counselor would send the message to other aides and members of the administration that the rules do not have to be followed.

Of course though, as we expected, the White House has already pledged their allegiance to Conway and attacked the Special Counsel’s office for their conclusion against her:

“The Office of Special Counsel’s (OSC) unprecedented actions against Kellyanne Conway are deeply flawed and violate her constitutional rights to free speech and due process,” the White House press office said in a statement. “Others, of all political views, have objected to the OSC’s unclear and unevenly applied rules which have a chilling effect on free speech for all federal employees.”

The collusion, obstruction, and corruption that is taking place inside that White House rival that of the mob. It’s absolutely staggering and downright sickening what this administration has gotten and continues to get away with.

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