Kellyanne Conway Loses Her Cool, Snaps As Interviewer Reads Trump’s Divisive Statements

Conway was PISSED.

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Defending Donald Trump has never been an easy job, and it only gets harder as time passes. Things are especially difficult for Trump’s mouthpieces now that there have been several hate crimes within the last few days, and the president has refused to provide an adequate response to any of them. He’s also refused to take responsibility for the hateful political divide he’s created.

Needless to say, none of us would want to be Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kellyanne Conway right now — and clearly, they don’t want to be themselves either. Earlier today, Conway did an interview with CNN’s John Berman and she couldn’t hold it together. Conway pretty much flipped out during this interview because Berman came prepared with several divisive statements that had come out of the president’s mouth over the last few days — and she definitely wasn’t ready.

Conway had been trying to make the case that Trump was trying to “heal” America, and went nuts when her argument fell apart when matched up against Trump’s behavior. Berman started reading the president’s quotes while referencing the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue:


Just to review some of the things the president has said since this murder. He called Tom Steyer, who received a bomb in the mail last week, a lunatic. He talked about Maxine Waters, who received bombs in the mail… He’s been very critical of the media, he even went after the Dodgers manager over the weekend.”

Conway scrambled to find the words but could not hold back her anger. She whined:

The president is trying to heal the country, but you’re cherry-picking certain tweets! In the case of Maxine Waters, she went first!”

Conway then started to attack CNN and Tom Steyer for speaking out against the president, all while shouting over Berman, who was trying to calm her down. You can watch Conway lose it below:

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