Kellyanne Breaks Down During Failed TV Appearance, Totally Unable To Defend Trump Anymore

She's reached her breaking point.

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Defending the president is exhausting, which is why no one could blame everyday POTUS defenders like White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders or Counselor Kellyanne Conway for getting burnt out. Over the last few months, we’ve seen these women become increasingly exhausted over dancing around Donald Trump’s scandals, investigations, and outbursts — sometimes even failing to defend him entirely. Conway’s interview on CNN with notorious adversary Jake Tapper was a perfect example of someone who probably can’t wait for Trump’s first (and last) term to be over.

Conway went on CNN’s State of the Union to speak with Tapper, and of course Trump’s ridiculous investigation into the New York Times over the controversial op-ed by an anonymous White House official was brought up. As Trump has called the op-ed a “national security” issue and now wants a probe to look into the story, you can imagine how much Conway wished it hadn’t come up. In fact, she couldn’t even explain why the probe was needed.

During the interview, Conway state that the only way Trump’s demand for the Department of Justice to look into the op-ed would be taken seriously is “if there is criminal activity perhaps.” When Tapper stated that there didn’t seem to be anything illegal about it, Conway tried to be vague:


I don’t know that and I don’t think you know that. It depends on what else has been divulged by an individual.”

Tapper pointed out that nothing sensitive had been leaked in the NYT piece, waiting for Conway to come up with a valid defense for Trump’s probe — which never came. Conway struggled to collect herself:

Anybody who would do this you don’t know what else they’re saying. But there is a difference between administrative action as I understand it and criminal action.”

Eventually, Conway completely gave up during this interview. After Tapper repeatedly pressed her to identify what was illegal about the op-ed, Conway surrendered:

I have no idea.”

Exactly. Trump’s call for an investigation is nothing more than a childish temper tantrum because his ego is hurt. It’s absolutely unwarranted and a waste of time when the president should be busy with his real duties as POTUS. You can watch this disaster of an interview below:

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