Kavanaugh’s Alma Mater Just Sent A Strong Message Regarding His Nomination; This Is A Must Read

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After the absolute — pardon the expression — shitshow put on by Republicans on Thursday at the hearing where they pretended to care about rape survivors for four hours, then laughed about the whole affair during every pause in the proceedings, it was clear that the minority Democrats on the Judiciary Committee as well as the victim who testified simply wanted an extension of time before voting and an FBI investigation that would either exonerate Brett Kavanaugh or provide corroboration for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations.

But over and over during the subsequent four hours after Dr. Ford’s testimony, the man accused of assaulting her referred only to his impeccable qualifications and to the statements of witnesses that said they “didn’t remember” the incident in question.

Time and again, Brett Kavanaugh referenced his alma mater, Yale, as though the fact that he got in were proof positive that he couldn’t be a bad person. Of course, plenty of terrible people have gone to Ivy League schools — George W. Bush skated through Yale on a C average, the Unabomber went to Harvard at 16, and convicted electoral fraud felon Dinesh D’Souza went to Dartmouth.


Regardless, it was enough for Republicans, and apparently enough for some of them to even repeat his credentials as part of a litany of praises for the man they never intended to seriously consider withdrawing from.

Today, however, the Dean of Yale Law School joined the other group that Kavanaugh cited multiple times as a testament to his goodness, the American Bar Association, in calling for an FBI investigation into the case that Republicans refused to hear a single witness from.

The ABA, of course, is the actual institution that issues law credentials, and Kavanaugh went to Yale for both his undergraduate and graduate studies.

In other words, everyone who has ever had a say in whether or not Brett Kavanaugh even became a lawyer, let alone a federal judge, is urging the GOP to stop their charade and pursue an investigation so that they don’t permanently taint the nation’s highest court with a nakedly partisan candidate and a potentially illegal coverup of crimes committed decades ago.

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