Kanye West Just Made An Insane Suggestion To Trump, POTUS Will Lose His Mind

Keep an eye on Trump's Twitter — this is gonna be a train wreck.

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Rapper Kanye West, who is now going by the name “Ye,” recently raised eyebrows for his unhinged pro-Trump speech on Saturday Night Live — a train wreck of a performance that actually caused him to get booed by the audience. But it looks as thought West hasn’t learned his lesson and is only hungry for more ridicule as he continues his one-person crusade to help his new BFF Donald Trump.

In a very disturbing, somewhat aggressive interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin earlier today, West stated that he is actually trying to arrange a meeting at the White House between Trump and one of the president’s biggest targets, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Why West thinks this is a good idea, especially since Trump has spent a good amount of his presidency attacking Kaepernick and NFL players who protest racial injustice, no one knows. During the interview, West said:

I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so I can bring Colin to the White House and we can remove that ‘sons of bitches’ statement and we can be on the same page. We never give up on anyone. We move forward. We give love. We keep going. We keep having the conversation, until the conversation turns to love, we keep going.”

It’s not yet known if Kaepernick or Trump will agree to West’s ridiculous idea, but our bets are that this is just going to cause Trump to lash out and insult Kaepernick even more. Since West began associating himself with Trump and the president’s “Make America Great Again” movement, the rapper has become more unhinged than usual and sometimes even needs to be put in place by his wife, Kim Kardashian, for his pro-Trump behavior.


This TMZ interview is just the latest tactic from West over the last few days. After West bombed on SNL over the weekend, the rapper also sent out bizarre tweets blasting the 13th Amendment, which was responsible for abolishing slavery. But who knows – maybe the White House meeting will actually happen. Maybe West is the one person that Trump can understand, because he’s equally insane. You can watch this cringeworthy interview below:

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