Journalist Says He Went Through Immigration At Airport, Was Stopped By CBP Agent And Accused Of Being Part Of “Fake News Media”

This has gone too far.

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Since pretty much day one, Donald Trump has been on a vendetta against media outlets that he’s deemed as “fake news” — which basically translates to any network and/or individual story that dares to tell the truth about what’s going on within Donald Trump’s administration rather than perpetuate the nonsense that Trump himself feeds to the likes of the essentially state-run Fox News Network.

Now, the fact that the president of our country peddles this “fake news” idea on the regular is bad enough. But what makes it that much worse is the fact that it spurs many of his halfwit supporters out in public to conduct their daily lives as well as their professional business based off of his rhetoric — which unsurprisingly leads to a whole lot of hateful behavior and discrimination.

A perfect example of the effect that Trump has on his base, and by default, those that come into contact with members of his base, was just recently outlined on Twitter by journalist James Dyer who sent out a series of posts in which he detailed his less-than-pleasant experience with LAX immigration that was a direct result of Trump’s relentless “fake news” rhetoric and attacks against media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC.


“Wow. Just… wow. Just went through LAX immigration. Presented my journalist visa and was stopped by the CBP agent and accused of being part of the ‘fake news media,'” Dyer’s first tweet in the series read.

“He wanted to know if I’d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are “spreading lies to the American people.” He aggressively told me that journalists are liars and are attacking their democracy,” he continued.

Dyer goes on it the thread to touch on the fact that things like this just wouldn’t have happened before Donald took his undeserved and unearned place in the presidency.

But, of course, racism is now allowed to run free and rampant in broad daylight under his reign. So, we’re really not even surprised that someone got away with something like this.

You can read Dyer’s full thread here:

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