Jeff Sessions Just Proved What A Hypocrite He Is, Dined At Mexican Restaurant Before Speech Railing Against Mexicans

I don't know if this is the pinnacle of irony, but you can at least see the top from here.

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On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered a speech to law enforcement agencies in Houston, Texas. Sessions has maintained a slightly lower profile since the horrific child detention policy he championed was rescinded by Donald Trump after intense public pressure, but remains firmly committed to the cause of lightening the average color of America to no darker than approximately the background of this webpage.

Before his speech, however, Sessions displayed the galling obliviousness that makes him such a frequent target of scorn and ridicule among those that oppose him, his policies and methods, or more encompassingly, the Trump administration. Meeting with Representative John Culberson in the morning before traveling to the forum, the two elected to have breakfast at a pretty ironic place, according to the Houston Chronicle: La Mexicana, a landmark restaurant in the Montrose area whose cuisine I’m sure you could take an educated guess at.

Reportedly, the Attorney General dined on huevos rancheros during his “culturally inspired” pre-racism meal.


Jeff Sessions actually cut his teeth on a different brand of racism back in the 1980’s, when he focused his hatred primarily on black people. He was so notoriously racist, in fact, that the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came before the United States Senate to testify as to just how racist he was when he was nominated for a federal judgeship.

At that time, one of the most damning pieces of evidence against Sessions was a statement he made to a white civil rights lawyer, calling him “a disgrace to his race.”

Since the election of Donald Trump, however, Sessions has gotten much more practice being racist toward Mexicans since they are the more popular group to hate among racists these days. Trump himself has turned antipathy towards Mexico and its citizens into a plank in the Republican platform, and none in his Cabinet has embraced the change so wholeheartedly as has his Attorney General.

Watch a clip from Sessions’ address in Houston, where he speaks of “some people [who] have to be locked up.” No word whether he means the children he so recently put in cages when he refers to dangerous, violent criminals.

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