Japan’s Prime Minister Had To Give Trump A Colorful Chart So He Could Understand Investments

He needs pretty colors and small words.

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Evidently, Western liberalism isn’t the only thing that Donald Trump has some serious trouble understanding.

If you weren’t already embarrassed enough at the behavior of our “president” while in Japan for the G20 Summit — including but not limited to cracking jokes with Vladimir Putin, snuggling up to the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, forgetting how to shake hands, and insulting Spain’s Prime Minister — according to a report from Axios, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had to give Donnie a colorful chart to explain and help POTUS understand Japanese investments in the US.

The two world leaders met over the last two days and discussed an array of topics including a whole lot of Donald whining about what he perceives as the unfair trade relationship between the US  and Japan.


A photo of the map that Japanese Prime Minister Abe gave to Trump in an attempt to help him understand was tweeted by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker.

The chart features the headline, “Japan has five additional investments in just one month” in large, red lettering and gave us all a glimpse into the way world leaders are forced to deal with president Trump when it comes to negotiations — evidently of the belief that visual aides will help get things through to his pea brain.

Apparently, it worked, as Donald Trump had pretty docile things to say when speaking with reporters after the meeting with Abe.

“I appreciate the fact that you’re sending many automobile companies into Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and North Carolina — a lot of our states,” Trump stated. “They’re building magnificent plants.”

Of course, Donald has long been known to avoid any sort of in-depth reading at all, and lest we not forget there was once a time when a CIA agent had to use all of her wits and wiles to get the man to focus when a fly was buzzing through the room during a debriefing.

Honestly, we’re not even surprised.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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