Ivanka Breaks Her Silence Over Email Scandal And Mueller Probe, Makes America More Furious Than Ever

Ivanka really thinks she and her family are untouchable.

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The Trumps truly believe that they’re untouchable and that the law doesn’t apply to them. This is painfully obvious in the way President Donald Trump behaves, but it’s also true for his entitled children. Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, made this very clear in an interview with ABC News, and it is ticking a lot of Americans off.

In an interview with Deborah Roberts, Ivanka addressed the fact that now she had an email scandal of her own — which should be super embarrassing, considering that Trump made Hillary Clinton’s email scandal the focal point of his presidential campaign. However, in the interview, Ivanka revealed that she doesn’t think the same ridicule or punishment that Hillary received — like “lock her up” chants — should apply to her.

During the sit-down, Roberts brought up the parallels between Hillary and Ivanka, who used her private email to conduct business in the White House. Ivanka responded:


People who want to see it as the same see it as the same. The fact is that we all have private emails and personal emails to coordinate with our family. We all receive content to those emails and there’s no prohibition from using private email as long as it’s archived and as long as there’s nothing in it that’s classified.”

Roberts brought Trump’s “lock her up” agenda and said, “Your father hammered Hillary Clinton on this, said that it was criminal, she should be locked up.” Ivanka once again denied that there were any similarities:

In my case all of my emails are on the White House server. There’s no intent to circumvent and there were mass deletions after a subpoena was issued. My emails have not been deleted, nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential that was within them. So there’s no connection between the two things.”

And when Robert asked her, “So the idea of lock her up doesn’t apply to you?” Ivanka bluntly responded, “No.” You can watch this below:

That’s disgusting enough, but Ivanka also completely brushed Robert Mueller’s probe aside. She said:

I know the facts as they relate to me and my family, and so I have nothing to be concerned about.”

Ivanka also implied the same sentiments as her father when it came to the probe’s future – that Mueller should hurry up and shut it down:

I think it should reach its conclusion. I think it’s been a long time that this has been ongoing, but I want it to be done in a way in which nobody could question that it was hurried or rushed. And I think after this long period of time, we’re well beyond that point, so I think it absolutely should reach its conclusion.”

Despite the fact that Ivanka tries to stay out of the controversy and avoid criticism, she is just like her father. The hypocrisy of her statements is going to come back to haunt her.

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