Italy’s Former Prime Minister Just Blasted Trump, Gives POTUS The Ultimate “F*ck You”

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Americans aren’t the only ones who miss former President Barack Obama. After seeing how Donald Trump has ruined the country (and even made the world a worse place to live in), people all around the globe are mourning America’s last real president. The latest person to speak out about America’s presidential crisis is Italy’s former Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

Recently, Renzi spoke about how lucky he was to not have had to work with Trump, telling CNBC that he much rather preferred Obama’s leadership style. Considering how jealous Trump is of Obama, there’s really no greater “f*ck you” than this. Renzi, who served as Italy’s prime minister from 2014 to 2016, said:

I’m a really lucky man because I worked with Barack Obama and not Donald Trump.”

Renzi also blasted Trump for using Twitter as his main mode of communication.


But now with Trump, with a tweet (he announced) ‘We’ve come back from Syria, from Iraq, from Afghanistan’ — with a tweet? This is the style? I think it’s a problem.”

Renzi also remarked on Trump’s threats to impose import tariffs on European cars. He said:

I believe President Trump has to understand the (U.S.’s) relationship with the EU is not in his hands. It’s a historical relationship, it’s a historical friendship so it’s impossible to cancel it with a tweet.”

Even Trump’s own supporters have stated that they no longer respect a president who conducts all of his business over Twitter. Trump’s disastrous leadership has caused more lifelong Republicans to leave their party than anything else, and has caused so much unnecessary tension with other countries. Renzi’s assessment of Trump and what he’s done to America is spot on and we can’t agree more that we all miss having a somewhat respectable president in the White House.

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