Internet Calls Rudy Giuliani “Worst Lawyer Ever” After He Screws Up In Latest Interview Over Ukraine

Giuliani never fails to entertain us.

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One has to question why the Trump administration still allows Rudy Giuliani to even associate himself with the entire group. Considering Giuliani is well known for making dumb ass remarks that basically point the finger at Trump, the last thing he should be is the defense attorney for anyone.

Now Giuliani just managed to make himself look like an idiot while appearing on Fox Business Network. You’d think they would only let him read off a prompter. However, he opens his mouth and bullshit falls out.

Specifically, Giuliani was being questioned by Marie Bartiromo about the latest Trump scandal — a whistleblower report that accused Trump of speaking to the Ukranian president and asking him to investigate Joe Biden and his son. If he wouldn’t, Trump threatened to cut foreign aid.


Trump hasn’t denied the conversation happened; however, he has denied that he threatened to cut aid, which is what Giuliani indicated during his interview. After denying it, Bartiromo asked him if he could guarantee that denial 100 percent. What’s great is the defense lawyer for Trump literally said he couldn’t.

‘Well, I can’t say 100%’

The tweet, from the Tennessee Holler, illustrates the double standards that exist now within Washington D.C. If Obama had ever been accused of anything remotely close to something so treasonous, Republicans would have had the articles of impeachment ready to go.

Isn’t the job of a damn lawyer to defend someone and claim they are 100 percent innocent? I’m no lawyer, but I’ve watched enough Law & Order. Pretty sure, that’s how it works.

Needless to say, the Twittersphere went nuts at the expense of Giuliani, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

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Tori Smith