Insiders Reveal Michael Cohen Has Spent More Than 50 Hours With Mueller’s Team

This might explain Trump's all-day meltdown on Twitter.

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Two days ago, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, currently awaiting sentencing for multiple felonies involving tax evasion, fraud, and campaign finance violations, tweeted what perhaps could be the most ironic message of the entire year, considering the source and motivation:

The tweet came on the heels of news that Cohen had recently accessed the NY State Board of Elections website in order to change his party affiliation to Democratic. And while Cohen has been a Democrat in the past, seeing that news coupled with this tweet is nothing short of a shouted message at his former boss — one that starts with an “F” and ends with a “U.”


But in truth, almost none of that is relevant in the face of more important news regarding Cohen and his ongoing cooperation with the Robert Mueller investigation and other federal prosecutors. There is no court order directing Cohen to provide assistance to Mueller’s team, which is so huge I’m going to repeat it on a separate line, italicized so you really get the point:

There is no court order directing Cohen to cooperate with Mueller.

That means he really wants to screw over his former boss and set things right, karmically speaking. And if anyone knows where all the bones are buried, it’s the man who accompanied Trump essentially everywhere around the globe for the better part of a decade.

In fact, according to Vanity Fair, whose profile of Cohen is entitled “He Is Trying To Make It Right: As The Midterms Approach, Michael Cohen Is Doubling Down On His Civic Duty,” the former “fixer” is putting in overtime with the guys in the white hats. Whether it’s pure revenge or genuine contrition almost doesn’t matter, although Cohen would have you believe that he honestly is doing everything to get right with America and with his family.

The article says that Cohen has spent upwards of 50 hours with the prosecution, which is almost as much time as I’ve spent writing about him since the FBI raided his entire existence back in April.

But most importantly of all, Michael Cohen is emblematic of the threat that Trump faces in the nearer term: Putting a stop to his foolishness. Trump’s near-daily meltdowns on social media and his steady schedule of rally after rally in the weeks leading up to the election that Cohen calls maybe “the most important vote in our lifetime” betray his fear of  losing everything: If the Democrats retake the House, investigations begin anew and impeachment is likely on the table; if Mueller gets enough from Cohen, the investigation that really matters could wrap up — and land him in prison.

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