Insider Reveals Ivanka Is Up Her Eyeballs In Trump’s Dealings, Will Likely Be Under Investigation

Ivanka's about to be under the microscope in a big way.

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In a bombshell revelation from Trump memoirist Nina Burleigh, who wrote Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History Of Trump’s Women, Ivanka Trump is at far more risk of going down in an investigation of Trump’s shady business dealings than perhaps even her brothers or Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Burleigh was a guest on the podcast of “extremely online” brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein, whose social media presence has catapulted them into a circle of “The Resistance” that inspires followers and confounds Trump fans.

During her interview with the brothers, Burleigh discussed her area of expertise, which you might guess from the title of her book: His complicated and often bizarre relationships with the women in his life and in his circle. In fact, her studies of the Trump legacy with women have run so deep that she actually scoffs at the common perception that Donald is somehow attracted to his daughter Ivanka — and I personally might just agree with her theory, if only because I have known plenty of people who think the highest compliment you can pay a woman is to tell her she’s “hot” or attractive.


But Burleigh’s take on where Ivanka falls in Trump’s business dealings also goes deeper than the standard picture of doting daughter who simply does what her father asks.

As Ivanka has taken a larger role on the national stage, it’s become clear that she is strong and even assertive in her own agency as a Trump — having even kept her name despite her marriage to Jared Kushner, and as the CEO of what’s become a global brand.

But along with that changing perception comes the realization that perhaps that “business mode” has been her de facto operating procedure from the beginning.

In fact, it could be that Ivanka is next on the chopping block in an investigation, whether it’s by Robert Mueller’s special counsel or the Southern District of New York because as Burleigh has observed, Ivanka has played a major role in Trump’s deals for years:

She was involved and she was there. She was at the table. One of my sources, who is a money laundering expert, told me when she was in the room at a deal table, these guys, whether they be the mamadovs of Azerbaijan, the fugitive money launderer dudes down in Panama, or any of these other sort of sketchy characters, these people looked at her and what they saw was, ‘I’m Donald Trump and I approve of this.’ So she was not just accidentally there just having fun. She was really a participant.”

Ivanka may be playing dumb with America to get out from under the scrutiny of investigators — but that charade won’t last much longer.

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